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101 Best Design Offices & Workspaces Vol 4


C.A.M.P. AIS – Creative and Meeting Place

It is aimed to be a new creative working space in Chiangmai, Thailand. As we believe that “creativity always happens outside of the classroom and the office”, we take the camp concept as the main design by bringing a rice field, treehouse, log table, a canoe to our designs, to meet the needs of people who use all forms of services under a creativity-enhancing environment.

The “Camping” concept conceived the main design by bringing an assortment of standing desks, hot desks, standard tables, and communal tables allowing over 100 people to work in whatever style most suits them.


Booking.com’s Office in Samui.

We gave Booking.com, the world’s No.1 travel agency, a funky and fun new office on Thailand’s second-largest island, Samui. Its design, inspired by famous landmarks on the island, truly reflects the brand identity and people in the company.

Located on Thailand’s second-largest island, we gave Booking.com’s new office on Samui island a funky and fun new office. Unlike other offices in the same location, we brought the Samui spirit which is relaxation, fun, and adventure, into the project. Its design, inspired by famous landmarks on the island, truly reflects the brand identity and their people in the company. 

The usable area is divided into a workplace and a collaboration space. The workplace is an office area; while the collaboration space is a shared living space including a reception hall, a town hall, a meeting room, and a pantry area.

We achieved this project by doing thorough research on the brand together with their internal culture and people, to develop a clear and unique concept for the design. Apart from Booking.com’s internal identities, the design is also inspired by vibrant local cultural and tourist scenes in Samui island.


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