Fireclay – Handmade Tiles and Glazed Bricks Designed for Yourself


“Something handmade is always better and more meaningful.”

Let’s use handmade tiles and glazed bricks to create a personal and inspired place designed for yourself.

In the picture, handmade tiles and glazed bricks are made by one of the famous tile shops in California – Fireclay Tile. It is known as a North American architectural tile company. Founded in 1986 by Paul Burns, Jeff Alvord, Martin Zepeda, and Albert Batista. Fireclay Tile is famous for designing and hand-making tile in Northern California, while actively incorporating environmentally sustainable practices.

Its clay originates from the Sierra Nevadas’s foothills and granite dust from local quarries. The latter amalgamated with post-consumer glass and porcelain to create Fireclay’s recycled clay–body products, which serve as a way to reuse water as well as to reincorporate material from tile that doesn’t meet the quality control.

If you like handmade tiles and glazed bricks but you don’t want to order them from the USA, just go order locally from Brilltile.  

Brilltile is a tile factory in Lampang, North of Thailand. Founded in 2006. It operates the business of tile design and production for swimming pools and decorative tiles. Their tiles are produced locally from the famous high-quality kaolin of Lampang, which yields a luminous white finish. For more information, you can visit the website at

Furthermore, Fireclay is famous for designing and hand-making tiles with environmentally sustainable practices. It has been reinventing, redefining, and radicalizing the industry. As the first tile company to be certified as a Benefit Corporation, the company continues to stand on its founding principles. Fireclay commits to using sustainable manufacturing practices, using recycled materials, and taking care of employees. These commitments come to its services too. That is why Fireclay always puts the customer first. Read more about this company and its fabulous stories on its official website.



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