Concept Creation

Studio Perception has a team of experienced, visionary modern interior designers located in Bangkok. We understand the symbiosis of functionality and marketing in the concept creation of unique interior design projects. At Studio Perception, we work with architects to make the best creative use of the available space to provide you with surroundings that represent your brand and provide an added level of functionality that transcends the normal, everyday parameters of your business.

Turnkey Projects

Our philosophy is to look at the project as a whole and to deliver turnkey projects that provide for all our client’s needs, both functionally and from a brand aspect. From choosing wall surfaces that provide the right ambiance, to adding those special touches at the end of the project that exemplifies what your brand represents. Each task in the construction process is a step towards creating a space that illustrates your brand in three dimensions. Luxury interior design is what we bring to each of our projects. And with the success that has brought you to the point of opening a purpose-designed structure for your brand, you deserve nothing less than the best of our interior design service capabilities.

Interior Design

We have based Studio Perception in the city of Bangkok, but we help clients all over the country realize their interior design dreams. We work with architects, contractors and planning professionals to deliver our interior design services on-time and above expectations to help convey your brand image wherever in Thailand the brand is located. This is the level of service our luxury interior design team offers each and every client.

Whether you’re based in Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, or the center of Bangkok, you’ll enjoy the close working relationship we establish with all of our clients. We get to know your brand values as well the goals and dreams of the people behind your brand. We then combine this knowledge with our Studio Perception creativity to create a design that will stun and impress your customers and staff. Contact us to find out more about what our team of interior designers in Thailand can do for you.