CAMP Co-working space


CAMP (Creative and Meeting Place)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Design for Local: Creative Working Space located in Chiangmai, Thailand (C.A.M.P AIS)

CAMP Co-working space
CAMP Co-working space
CAMP Co-working space

Before starting the design, we surveyed the locals, it showed that even though Chiangmai people love the urban lifestyle, they still prefer to stay close to nature. At the same time, we also believe that “creativity always happens outside of the classroom and the office”, so we brought the survey result together with this thought to design C.A.M.P. under the concept of camping.

The “Camping” concept conceived the main design by bringing an assortment of standing desks, hot desks, standard tables, and communal tables allowing over 100 people to work in whatever style most suits them.

CAMP Co-working space
CAMP Co-working space

C.A.M.P. AIS – Creative and Meeting Place becomes a new creative working space in Chiangmai where our team applied the camping concept by bringing the main design by bringing a rice field, treehouse, log table, a canoe to our designs, to meet the needs of people who use all forms of services under a creativity-enhancing environment.

Client Name

SF Corporation Public Company Limited

Scope of Work

Design Consultancy


MAYA, Chiangmai


1,200 Sq.m.


Design 45 Days
Construction 60 Days

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