gram cafe&pancakes



Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Designing GRAM a Fat’s Kid Paradise and a Pancake Love

GRAM is a premium pancake store that is famous for its softness and deliciousness. We designed this store to become a fat kid’s paradise and a heaven for a pancake lover by bringing the pancake’s shape and its softness to the design.

gram cafe&pancakes
gram cafe&pancakes
gram cafe&pancakes
gram cafe&pancakes

Delicate and creative designs help boost deliciousness to Bangkok’s fluffiest pancakes at GRAM in Central World.

We worked closely with the brand to deliver the best design that would effectively attract and serve their customers. We used materials that are easy to find, durable, and bright, including furniture designs to match our customers’ behaviour and adding green colour to make them feel fresh and relieved. 

Client Name

PDS Holding Co. Ltd.

Scope of Work

Design and Build


Central World


100 Sq.m.


Design 30 Days
Construction 30 Days

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