Koi The Market F&B


KOI Thé The Market

The identity of the golden bubble and delicious tea to the design that elevates the premium bubble milk tea shop from Taiwan.

The most talked-about bubble milk tea and distinctive tea flavours with a unique secret recipe. We use a modern design starting from the comfort and modernity to meet the urban needs of the taste by KOI Thé is full of golden bubble milk tea delicious… Go together perfectly

Koi The Market F&B
Koi The Market F&B
Koi The Market F&B
Koi The Market F&B

Responding to the needs of urban frequented by the design that is convenient, fast and modern to taste with the unique golden bubble milk tea from KOI Thé

The bubble tea glass in front of the store clearly shows the identity of the KOI Thé brand and it is also an important feature that makes it easy for people to see and come in for taste delicious of bubble tea.

Client Name

KOI The Thailand Co., Ltd.

Scope of Work

Design and Build


Gaysorn Village, Thailand


130 Sq.m.


Design 30 Days
Construction 30 Days

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