matchbox Central Westgate


matchbox Central Westgate

Bangkok, Thailand

Smell the 90’s Game Arcade for Matchbox’s Central Westgate, Bangkok

Matchbox is a multi-brand fashion store where you can find cool items at reasonable prices. They attract most teenagers and college students as their main target to visit the store. So, we took the fun ambience of a ’90s arcade game shop to create the Matchbox’s style that is still pink and expresses the fun and frenzy of teenagers.

Pick your player and get ready to start and fun!

matchbox Central Westgate
matchbox Central Westgate Retail
matchbox Central Westgate Retail

Big game cabinets, basketball games, and joysticks are chosen to design clothes rails to boost this ambience. Apart from those items inside the store, the storefront is designed to be like giant 3D glasses. Whenever the customers look into it, they will suddenly fall into the world of Matchbox.

Client Name

Matchbox Group Co., Ltd.

Scope of Work

Design and Build


Central Westgate, Bangkok


200 Sq.m.


Design 30 Days
Construction 30 Days

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