See Fah Restaurant


See Fah Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

Re-Design for See Fah at Siam Square to be a Multi-generational Restaurant 

See Fah Restaurant is a unique old Thai-Chinese restaurant for over 80 years. The design challenge from the client is to design this brand to meet the tastes of all generations and ages. We brought “Authenticity”, “Simplicity”, and “Comfort” to the main concepts of design.  

Appealing to the modern Thai restaurant-goer, while maintaining its authenticity and a family-friendly atmosphere.

See Fah Restaurant
See Fah Restaurant
See Fah Restaurant
See Fah Restaurant

Real wood is used for the entire project, including human-made items such as rattan crafts and pottery. They can create the feeling of delicacy, comfort, friendliness, and brand authenticity to the customers who come to the restaurant.

Client Name

Seefah Food Co., Ltd.

Scope of Work

Design and Build


Siam, Thailand


400 Sq.m.


Design 120 Days
Construction 60 Days

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