The Lounge Hair Salon Retail


The Lounge Hair Salon

K village, Bangkok, Thailand

Chop ‘n’ Change in Celebrity house

The Lounge is a high-end hair salon that is made to decorate hairstyles in fashionable style by the leading hairdresser of Thailand. They serve many famous customers in Thailand from top celebrities to royal members. The lounge hair salon is supervised by 3 celebrities which are Khun Metinee, Khun Lang, and Khun Kai. The 3 are celebrities in Thailand.

The Lounge Hair Salon Retail
The Lounge Hair Salon Retail
The Lounge Hair Salon Retail
The Lounge Hair Salon Retail

We designed this place to be like the home of the three owners, welcoming important guests with modern service and the warmth of a home.

For this project, they were facing an electrical fault, water leaking, and inconsistent water temperature, so we solved all problems starting from design, construction, and electric power systems. Our team paid close attention to every detail. Also, we used a team of professional engineers to plan the entire system, to fix all problems sustainably.

Client Name

3 Kasat Co., Ltd.

Scope of Work

Design and Build


Bangkok, Thailand


300 Sq.m.


Design 30 Days
Construction 30 Days

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