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Specialists in Commercial Design | Studio Perception

Specialists in Commercial Design | Studio Perception

We design modern and creative spaces for businesses that combine functionality and comfort with marketing principles that support our clients’ brands. Our planning and design teams spend time learning about our clients’ businesses and incorporate this education into the project designs.


Browse our portfolio of past projects and see our creativity in action. Whether you’re planning an intimate coffee shop or a large and modern office interior design, Studio Perception can work with you to create the interior of your dreams.

Modern Office Design

The design of modern office interiors has started to follow a new trend of providing comfort in the workspace. We applaud this trend as the office should not only serve the business, but also the people who are responsible for its success.

This trend is often seen in co-working spaces. Our co-working space interior designs make creative use of levels to produce comfortable multi-purpose work spaces. Each office interior design puts human needs first, viewing the office as a place to share ideas and inspirations, a place to live as well as to work. Our designers capture these essential elements of co-working spaces in their designs and layouts, creating dynamic working spaces that promote communication and interaction. 

The first impression of an office can make a significant impact on how a business is viewed, so it’s only right that you’d hire professionals to take care of translating your brand values into a physical space. 

Studio Perception has a team of experienced, visionary modern interior designers located in Bangkok. We understand the symbiosis of functionality and marketing in commercial interior design. At Studio Perception, we work with architects to make the best creative use of the available space to provide you with surroundings that represent your brand and provide an added level of functionality that transcends the normal, everyday parameters of your business.

Coffee Shop and Retail Store Interior Design

People like to eat and shop in the places where they feel welcome, inspired, and at ease.
Whether it’s a retail, coffee shop design, or the design of public spaces, our interior design team is able to combine comfort with functionality and style to address the needs of customers and staff, while creating invaluable marketing exposure for the brand.

Restaurant Interior Design

For many customers, the decor of a restaurant is just as important as the food. They want more than a meal; they want an experience. As restaurateurs, you’re the experts in food and hospitality. So, as restaurant interior design experts, you can rest assured knowing your restaurant is in safe hands with us. We’ll help you create a space that people come to love as much for its surroundings as for its food and service.
At Studio Perception, our restaurant interior designers are experts in providing our clients with the perfect decor for their restaurant concept.

Hospitality Interior Design

A hotel provides guests with moments of complete escapism, and the decor plays a huge part in achieving these moments. From the lobby interior to the hotel room design, it’s important that the design is cohesive, reflecting the brand’s values.
The interior design team at Studio Perception knows that a hotel, maybe more than any other business, depends on its decor to help drive its success. That’s why we take the time to understand the business and ensure every detail is perfect from the start.